David-Curtis School of Floral Design

Program Registration Number: 87-08-1108T
School Registration Number: 14-09-2054T

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The registration form signed by the student and/or parent or guardian may be canceled within 5 (five) calendar days from the date of signing provided the school is notified of the cancellation in writing. If student cannot attend class as scheduled, the student may request registration fee to be (1) refunded (if within the 5 day grace period), (2) applied to a specific class starting at a later date, or (3) held by the school and applied at later time for a specific class, in which case, enrollment for a future class must be made in writing within (30) days after request for delayed enrollment.
If student fails to notify the school of intent not to attend class as scheduled, in the prescribed manner and time period herein stated, the registration fee shall be retained by the school, since, many materials used in class are perishable and are ordered prior to the class starting date.
The school will make available to any student failing to perform within the terms and conditions as stated, enrollment in a future class under the provisions of delayed enrollment without additional registration fee even though the initial registration fee is nonrefundable.
After a student starts class, the Refund Policy is regulated by the State Board of Career Colleges and Schools. All advance payments will be refunded if written notification of the student's intent not to attend the class for which he is enrolled at least five calendar days prior to the class date. The refund policy for tuition and the registration fee can be located on page 8 of the school catalog.
All refunds shall be paid in the same manner that payment was received; cash for cash, check for check, credit card return voucher for payment by credit card, to person's) business or agency responsible for making payments to the school. At no time will any refund by made in cash when payment was received by credit card. Only a credit voucher will be issued and submitted to the appropriate credit card company of the card holder listed on the credit card.
 In the event all or any part of the registration fee and or tuition is paid to the school through the use of any accepted credit card (i.e. Master Charge, VISA, etc.) the refunded amount shall be made through credit voucher procedure established by issuing credit card company. The David-Curtis School of Floral Design does not assume any responsibility for payment of any finance or service charges resulting from the use of any credit card. At no time will any refund be made in any manner other than a credit voucher.
All refunds will be issued within thirty (30) days of withdrawal.
Tuition Rate as of October 1, 2016
Tuition $3,375.00
Registration Fee $75.00
Total Tuition and Registration $3,450.00
Tuition price and registration fee
 are subject to change without notice

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